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The practice of law is dynamic. It’s like being an eternal student. Until now, available solutions were expensive, cumbersome, difficult and time-consuming. GlanceCharts, a legal reference research and learning tool for lawyers, law students and legal professionals, provides the simplest, most power and affordable solution, in your pocket!

A Few Questions...

Questions for Lawyers: Click Here

Do you find yourself pressed for time and wishing you had more powerful and cost-effective practice solutions?

Are you frustrated by research tools that are often too expensive ad give you "garbage in/garbage out" search results? Or reference manuals that almost immediately go stale and out of date?

Do you consider many CLE presentations disjointed and focused solely on the speaker’s pet topics?

Do you find the learning curve to expand into new areas of practice or to educate your staff to be too expensive and time consuming?

If you answered YES to any of the above, YOU WILL LOVE GLANCECHARTS!

Questions for Students: Click Here

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of class material to review, wondering how you will get it all done?

Do you find yourself inundated not only by the “official” course materials, but also by more study aids than you can count? Aren't some as dense as the materials they attempt to summarize?

Do you ever wish your study materials could become practice tools, useful after you graduate?

If you answered YES to any of the above, YOU WILL LOVE GLANCECHARTS!


What Are People Saying?

"Brilliantly conceived, easy to use and totally affordable. If you are a lawyer, paralegal or a law student, you need to give this product a try."

Walter Aye

Former Chair, The Florida Bar Practice Management and Development Section

Introducing GlanceCharts

GlanceCharts is a legal reference research and learning tool for lawyers, law students and legal professionals. Central to the GlanceCharts system is a flowchart that takes you step by step through the analysis of a legal topic or the procedural steps of a legal process, in seconds. The textual content is organized in color-coded numeric sections, updated quarterly online. It’s never out of date!

Subscribers have access to a CLE-accredited guided tour through each chart – loaded with practical takeaways, not a regurgitation of the chart content.

  • Pressed for Time? Find the answers you need in a fraction of the time it would take dragging through musty law books or skimming through hundreds of search hits generated by a full-text research database.
  • Need to Cut Overhead? GlanceCharts costs a tiny fraction of the combined cost sum of the research database and CLE courses it would take to replicate what it provides.
  • Want a Practice Tool that Never Goes Stale? Charts are updated quarterly as the law evolves.

Take a Look At Our Available Charts and Order the One You Need, TODAY!


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