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GlanceCharts makes it easier.

GlanceCharts is a quick reference, research and learning tool for lawyers. It’s simple yet powerful and affordable. Watch the video to learn more.

$9.99 Per Month Gets You Started

Just want to try it out? No problem. Start with a single chart and you'll soon wonder how you ever practiced law without this tool.

The Charts

Simple. Powerful. Affordable.

  • Simple.

    At the heart of our system are flowcharts that take you step by step through the analysis of a practice area or a legal process. Our charts are color-coded and linked to numeric sections that contain the key points you need to know in court or consults.

  • Powerful.

    The charts and text can be accessed online including mobile devices 24/7. The content is updated quarterly. Every chart product comes with an audio webinar that’s an ideal learning tool for those new to a topic or needing a refresher. What’s more you’ll earn CLE credit for listening to each webinar.

  • Affordable.

    Our products start at only $9.99 per month. Consider the alternative: thick reference books and CLE courses costing hundreds of dollars each. None provide an integrated reference, research and learning tool in one product.

The Buzz

What users have to say

The Buzz

What users have to say

"Brilliantly conceived, easy to use and totally affordable. If you are a lawyer, paralegal or a law student you need to give this product a try."
Walter Aye Former Chair, The Florida Bar Practice Management and Development Section
The e-discovery chart was incredibly helpful.
James Wallmer Law Student
Absolutely brilliant!
Gary Dembry Recent Law Graduate