How well do you know your Federal Rules quiz

Are you on top of your legal game?  How confident are you with Federal Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure?  Take our quiz and see how well you do.  And, no worries... if you fail, we will keep it confidential (GlanceChart/Attorney privilege). 🙂  Good Luck!

1. Which of the following categories of trial exhibits are potentially self-authenticating?

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2. Assume you are defending a civil case. The plaintiff calls your client in his case-in-chief. On cross examination you can:

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3. Assume that the plaintiff in a civil case has called a witness to the stand to testify as to the defendant’s character for untruthfulness. The ground rules for questioning are:

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4. Assume the plaintiff in an employment discrimination case intends to call “Me Too” witnesses to establish that the defendant employer intentionally discriminated against plaintiff and so far, as it is similarly discriminating against other employees. The ground rules for such questioning are:

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5. The following circumstances must be plead with specificity:

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6. Assume that a party in federal litigation has moved for sanctions against the opposing party for the loss of electronically stored information (ESI). Further assume: (1) the non-movant should have preserved the ESI but it has been lost, (2) the non-movant failed to take reasonable steps to preserve the ESI, (3) the ESI cannot be restored or replaced through additional discovery and (4) the loss of the ESI has prejudiced the movant. On these facts can the movant seek an adverse inference jury instruction or seek dismissal or a default judgement?

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7. During the voir dire phase of a jury trial, the court may pose a set of initial questions to the panel. If the panel’s responses deserve follow up, must the court allow counsel the right to directly ask such follow up questions?

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8. Assume that plaintiff’s counsel wants to present the testimony of an unavailable witness by reading deposition transcript excerpts. The deposition was videotaped. Defense counsel asks the court to require plaintiff’s counsel to show the video. The court should grant defense counsel’s request:

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9. Does FRCP 45 make a trial versus hearing distinction regarding the place for compliance of a subpoena on a non-party?

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10. As a blanket rule, a party responding to a request for production of ESI is not obligated to produce it if it’s not in his possession:

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