What is GlanceCharts?

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GlanceCharts is a flowchart-based quick reference, learning and research tool for lawyers, legal professionals and law students. The charts take you step-by-step through a legal process or the analysis of a legal topic. Users are encouraged to purchase our bi-fold or tri-fold handheld charts. All subscribers have access to the electronic version of the chart containing the chart annotations with links to other valuable content.

How can so much be based on a flowchart?

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Our flowcharts are the portal to a powerful practice system. Each flowchart is richly annotated with summaries of each point of law illustrated in the chart. Each chart product comes with a CLE-accredited audio webinar that takes you on a guided tour through the chart and thus a systematic overview of the subject matter. The online chart annotations contain hyperlinks to the cited case, statutory and rule authority thus allowing you to research issues in more detail. We will be launching “deep dive” versions of our chart products containing far more authority online than is capable of being printed on a bi-fold or tri-fold product.

How much do GlanceCharts products cost?

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GlanceCharts products are subscription based. Each chart currently costs $9 per month or can be bundled in a set of 3 for $24 per month.

Honestly, wouldn’t it make sense to simply subscribe for a month or so and then cancel?

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You are free to cancel after your first month. No obligations. No questions. But if you cancel, you’ll miss out on one of GlanceCharts most powerful features. The handheld charts are updated quarterly to reflect the latest changes in the law. More importantly, subscribers have access to their own premium content in a unique subscriber space on the website. We post to the subscriber space weekly. Postings include the latest legal developments affecting chart content, sneak peeks at coming additions to the products such as new “sub charts”, audio podcast-style content and live and recorded video events.

There are many legal reference, research and educational products on the market.  Why should I choose your product over the competition?

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GlanceCharts are designed for lawyers, legal professionals and law students who value their time and money. GlanceCharts products save time by simplifying the subject matter down to the essential “need to know” points. The product structure allows subscribers to deep dive into the issues that matter to them. The alternative is wading through musty law books or trusting “garbage in – garbage out” full text legal database research methodology. Our products cost only a tiny fraction of the combined cost of reference books, database products and CLE courses. There is no other competing quick reference chart that can literally save you in the heat of battle at a hearing or in trial.

I’m a law student. What do your products offer me?

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As lawyers who were once law students we understand your unique challenges. Law students are time crunched. You are expected to read voluminous textbooks, cases and the like. There are just not enough hours in the day. GlanceCharts save you time by initially focusing your attention on the big picture and then taking you step-by-step, in detail, through the subject matter in a fraction of the time it would take doing it long hand. We know that you have outlines and study guides to choose from. Take a look at those and ask yourself whether any will serve you after you graduate. Those outlines and study aids will start gathering dust as soon as you complete your exam. Why not subscribe to a product you can use after you graduate? Our tool costs only a tiny fraction of the combined cost of competing tools for lawyers and there are no similar quick reference charts currently in existence.

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