Introducing GlanceCharts, a quick reference, research and learning tool for lawyers

GlanceCharts is a quick reference, research and learning tool for lawyer’s and legal professionals. Its core is an annotated flow chart or “mind map” that takes one step- by-step through a legal analytical process or a time-based legal procedure. Sometimes the two converge. Each step in the flow chart graphic is color-coded and correlates to numbered sections where the text and legal citations can be found.

These printable charts (we also offer gorgeous bi-fold and tri-fold versions) pair to an online chart companion that mirrors but expands upon the chart content. Once online, chart users can click into the full text of legal authority or into CLE-accredited audio webinars. Since GlanceCharts is subscription-based the content is revised and improved quarterly including new links, updated citations and webinars as the need arises. Quite simply, there is no other legal product like this anywhere.

Interested in a simple, yet powerful and affordable research tool? Browse the GlanceCharts catalog now ›

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