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GlanceCharts is a legal reference, research and learning tool that combines a color-coded, multi-step flowchart with numeric sections containing text that fleshes out the chart content in detail. Subscribers have access to a CLE-accredited audio webinar, which walks the them through the system.

Subscribers have 24/7 access to the annotated chart and webinars plus…

  • Live online events with chart authors and other thought leaders
  • Access to a newsfeed with weekly updates to the charts
  • Sneak previews and test drives of coming GlanceCharts’ products
  • Coming Soon: a social forum where subscribers can exchange information and messages

GlanceCharts aren’t just charts. They are the foundation of a practice system you’ll never outgrow!

The flowchart graphic deconstructs any legal subject area into a series of analytical steps. Each step in the GlanceCharts system is color-coded. Each step is the placeholder for one or more sections that contain the textual content including citations to legal authority. To get started:

1. Login to your library.

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Browse your subscribed products and click on the desired product to launch the product homepage.

2. Download and print your chart.

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Do not skip this step! (We also offer gorgeous laminated bifold and trifold charts in our store). Familiarize yourself with the logic and flow of the chart. Take a few moments to browse the chart content.

3. Click on the "Launch the Online Chart" button.

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You will see that it mirrors the “paper chart” in a richer multimedia format. Take a moment to experiment with its functionality for e.g. click on the links to cited authority. The online Federal Civil Evidence chart links to a sub-chart companion.

4. Click on the "Listen to Webinar" button.

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A CLE-accredited audio webinar will expand and deepen your knowledge of the subject matter as you tour the flow of the chart. You’ll find the button at the top of each numeric section. Every chart offers a bonus or update audio accessible immediately following the last numeric section.

5. Continue to use and explore your chart.

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Incorporate it into your set of research and reference tools. GlanceCharts content is updated on a quarterly basis so click on the “Blog” link on the homepage for product news, upcoming additional features and news about recent legal developments affecting your product.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Interact with us through our Blog, on social media or by our Contact page.


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