Using GlanceCharts

GlanceCharts is a ground breaking legal reference, research and learning tool. It combines a color-coded multi-step flowchart with numeric sections containing text that fleshes out the chart content in detail. Subscribers have access to a CLE-accredited audio webinar which walks the listener through the chart system.

GlanceCharts is subscription based. Subscribers have 24/7 access to the annotated chart and webinars plus…

  • Live online events with chart authors and other thought leaders
  • Access to a newsfeed with weekly updates to the charts
  • Sneak previews and test drives of coming GlanceCharts’ products
  • Coming soon: a social forum where subscribers can exchange information and messages

GlanceCharts aren’t just charts. They are the foundation of a practice system you’ll never outgrow!

The flowchart graphic deconstructs any legal subject area into a series of analytical steps. Each step in the GlanceCharts system is color-coded. Each step is the placeholder for one or more sections that contain the textual content including citations to legal authority. To get started:

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